Domestic Air Conditioning Units

Our Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps are a cost-effective way to heat or cool your space, ideal for conservatories, bedrooms, home gyms, offices, summer houses and server rooms.


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Why Choose Air Conditioning Units?

Green Horizon Energy Solutions offer domestic and light commercial, air conditioning / Heat Pump services in Greater Manchester and surrounding areas.

Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps are a cost-effective way to heat or cool your space, ideal for conservatories, bedrooms, home Gyms, offices, summer houses and server rooms.

Single split system units come with a single outdoor and indoor unit and multi splits systems have multiple indoor units running from one single outdoor unit serving multiple indoor rooms.

Most split systems are typically A++ energy rated and have multiple functions such as Heat, Cool, Dehumidify or simply used as a fan. The inbuilt filters, filter the air as it passes over the unit, providing clean filtered air, removing dust particles and other pollutants.

External units are surprisingly quiet and are hardly noticeable when running.

Installing air conditioning units in your domestic property offers numerous benefits:

Improved Air Quality: Air conditioning systems filter out dust, pollen, and other allergens, promoting better indoor air quality.

Maintained Comfort: Enjoy a consistent level of comfort throughout the year, with the ability to heat, cool, fan, and dehumidify your home using a single system.

Energy Efficiency: Modern air conditioning units utilise green technology, providing energy-efficient cooling and heating solutions, which can lead to cost savings on energy bills.

Better Sleep Quality: Air conditioning helps lower room temperature, creating a more conducive environment for restful sleep.

Reduced Humidity: Air conditioners not only cool the air but also remove excess humidity, making your home environment more comfortable.

Increased Productivity: A comfortable indoor environment provided by air conditioning can enhance productivity by ensuring occupants feel more focused and alert.

Less Noise and Pests: Unlike opening windows for ventilation, air conditioning keeps your home quiet and prevents pests from entering, maintaining a peaceful living environment.

Improved Health: Air conditioning can reduce the risk of asthma attacks by filtering out air pollutants and maintaining optimal humidity levels.

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