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We endeavour to educate and enhance your knowledge of our Spray Form insulation services to help you make the correct choice when looking to insulate your property or commercial building. Below are some of our frequently asked questions that should support your research.

Some of the frequent questions we've been asked...

HBS Spray foam insulation is an insulation and air barrier material that seals walls, floors and roofs against air conditioning and movement, including spaces around electrical outlets and light fixtures and where walls meet windows and doors. HBS spray foam insulation can provide an effective air barrier insulation to minimize air infiltration through walls and ceilings, preventing drafts, cold spots and energy loss. The performance of HBS spray foam insulation means that humid indoor/outdoor air is restricted from entering the walls & ceilings and condensing, thereby minimizing the possibility of moisture entrapment & build-up within the wall & ceiling cavities. This is conducive to preventing building envelope failure due to moisture damage.

HBS spray foam insulation products are installed by extensively trained and licensed HBS contractors only.

Icynene® can maintain its installed U-values throughout its service life, contrary to air-permeable insulation types that lose their thermal performance over time due to the deterioration in the insulation quality (compromised &/or shrinking) and ongoing convective current loops within the insulation (up to 50% loss).

Typically, buildings expand and contract due to temperature differentials, moisture content, wind load and seismic, etc. Closed-cell insulation cannot accommodate the movement of the building. Open-cell spray foam:

Provides air sealing benefits in many applications at a lower cost.

Vapor permeability supports bi-directional drying of assemblies – critical in warm climate zones/seasons.

Flexibility allows it to expand and contract with any movement of the building structure ensuring long term air sealing.

For builders, HBS spray foam insulation can reduce construction time.

For homeowners, HBS spray foam insulation offers the opportunity of lower heating and cooling costs from reduced air infiltration and a more comfortable home, draft-free without cold spots. Furthermore, HBS continuous air barrier capability will significantly reduce unwanted airborne noise from the outside resulting in a quieter interior living space.

Most HBS spray foam products do not contain environmentally harmful blowing agents like HFCs, HCFCs or HFAs, in fact most HBS spray foam insulation products are 100% water-blown making them better for the environment. Organic chemical compounds from petroleum extract are the main source of its ingredients.

No. However, water can work its way through the foam under pressure or by gravity force. When the foam is placed on the water it will float and upon removal, it will not contain any water and it does not lose any of its insulating properties. But, if it is immersed underwater, water can be forced into the foam by the hydrostatic pressure; however, once it is removed from the water and allowed to dry out, the original insulating properties will return.

Icynene’s open-cell spray foam insulation products are vapor permeable to allow water vapor molecules to flow through the foam. This means any moisture in the building’s concrete or lumber can escape through the insulation as the building dries out, thus eliminating moisture that could cause rot or mold.

HBS open cell spray foam has the quickest re-occupancy period of any spray foam product, you should be out of the property during and for 2hrs after spraying.

HBS open cell spray foam has the quickest re-occupancy period of any spray foam product, you should be out of the property during and for 2hrs after spraying.

The cost of HBS spray foam insulation varies on the type and size of the job, typically prices are from £20 up to £45 per m2, you will always receive a free no-obligation quote before making your final decision.

HBS spray foam products are chemically inert meaning they will not change chemically or physically over time.

HBS spray foams are considered to be an environmentally preferred product due to their air sealing qualities which contribute to improved indoor air quality, reductions in energy consumption as well as greenhouse gas emissions. HBS is listed on the industry-recognized energy saving trust website.

Complete details of all HBS spray foam insulation products can be found in each product’s Technical Data Sheet.

HBS foam insulation is installed by fully trained, licensed HBS contractors who spray the solution into open building envelope such as studded walls, ceilings and floors. The solution can be safely sprayed directly onto electrical and plumbing.

In each case, a fully trained, licensed HBS contractor must install the product. HBS foam insulation products are not Do-It-Yourself (DIY) products.

HBS open-cell spray foam is a water-blown spray foam, what this means is there is no off-gassing period like foams of the past, older foams used a chemical in the blowing process, this created small pockets of gas within the foam which would take time to work there way out (off-gas) this is not the case with water-blown foams, the product creates CO2 bubbles which pop as it expands and is immediately replaced with air meaning no off-gassing period and no lasting smells from the foam.

Most work can be completed in less than a day with minimal disruption, you can see our install procedure on the website. We will always discuss the expected duration of the work prior to starting.

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