Mortgage Concerns?

Green Horizon Energy Solutions and their supplier of Icynene spray foam insulation products, from Huntsman building solutions, is aware of issues surrounding the sale or refinancing of properties following the installation of spray foam insulation. This has understandably resulted in media coverage on this topic which we appreciate can create concern for existing and future customers.

This note is intended to provide some reassurance about spray foam insulation in general and provide some helpful advice on how to minimise the risk of any problems. Finally, we wish to explain what the industry is doing to resolve issues experienced by some customers of spray foam.

We must stress that since the incorporation of Green Horizon Energy Solutions in 2016, we as a company have only had the mortgage issue raised on a few occasions, on all of these occasions the problem was resolved swiftly, once evidence of the type of spray foam and the accreditation of our company was shown, we insulate countless new builds, extensions, conversions and retrofits on a weekly basis and hundreds of clients have gone through the mortgage phase without any hindrance.

Should I be worried about having spray foam installed in my property?

While we know that some customers have experienced challenges, there are thousands of installations by numerous authorised contractors taking place each year without issue, and homeowners are successfully selling or re-financing their properties.

How do I know that spray foam is installed to a high standard?

The spray foam insulation sector has been working hard to standardise installation practices and ensure quality through a range of mechanisms including independent testing and certification procedures. Spray foam products are tested to the same standards as other insulation measures and should be installed in compliance with the appropriate standards.

At Green horizon energy solutions, we are an authorised contractor that has been trained by Huntsman building solutions and are subject to regular audits, as a Huntsman building solutions contractor we offer a standard 25-year warranty on HBS products.

I already have spray foam insulation. Should I be worried about selling or getting a mortgage in the future?

Firstly, we hope that you are satisfied with your installation and that your home is both warmer and cheaper to run.

If spray foam is already installed in your home and you have concerns about future sale or refinancing, we recommend that you first check the paperwork which you should have received with the installation (if you were the original purchaser) or alongside other documents passed on at the point of sale if the insulation was purchased by a former occupier.

If you have the relevant paperwork, it should provide you with reliable information on the name of the installation company, the manufacturer and any warranties or guarantees offered. This documentation can be very useful in providing peace of mind and should a problem arise at the point of sale or re-financing to share with surveyors and/or lenders.

I am worried about my installation - What to look for?

Spray foam is an established product used in the UK for over 30 years and internationally for even longer with few problems. Chemically, it is similar to the insulation board installed in almost all new build homes and many existing extensions, except instead of being formed in a factory and cut to size on-site, it is sprayed into the relevant location.

We recommend periodic visual inspection of any modification applied to your home where this is possible. When checking an insulated loft space, issues to consider include the presence of dampness, or any disintegration of either the insulation or roof materials.

It is advisable to ensure your home is maintained to an appropriate condition, including roof, fascia’s, brickwork etc, to an appropriate standard.

When looking specifically at a spray foam installation, different products are applied in different ways however there are some common misconceptions:

Ventilation of the
loft space

  • Surveyors and valuers may comment on the covering of box facias and other internal roof elements that would typically allow ventilation in a loft where conventional mineral wool insulation is placed on the floor of the loft. This is a misconception for pitched roof insulation between rafters. Ventilation is not necessary and in fact undesirable to the same extent as the purpose is to maintain a warm roof space.

Unable to inspect roof components such as rafters/

  • Surveyors and valuers may comment that they are unable to inspect roof timbers for the condition due to the presence of spray foam.
  • Whilst this is correct, it is common not to offer comment or raise concerns regarding other concealed features, for example, roof timbers in a property that has had a full loft conversion.

I am still concerned. Who should I speak to?

We are readily available to speak to all our existing or future clients about any further concerns you might have, we will always assist our clients with any issues you might have.

We also have the backing in Huntsman building solutions for all of the products we install, and they will also be happy to assist.

What documents may I need in future?

Helpful documents to retain may include:

Original invoice

Installation certificate

Manufacturer name

Manufacturer warranty

Product certification
(BBA or Kiwa)

Please note, even if none of these documents are present it does not mean that your installation is faulty, or that you will be unable to sell or refinance.


This information is designed to provide information to relevant consumers. Information or opinions contained on this note do not constitute advice or recommendation in respect of any individual insulation installation, mortgages, remortgages or other financial instruments.

Should you seek to rely in a way whatsoever upon any content contained on this information note, you do so at your own risk.

Before you make any decision or take any action that might affect you or your personal finances or business, you should always consult a suitably qualified professional adviser(s) to obtain appropriate technical, financial, legal, and other advice.

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