Spray Foam Insulation Costs

One of the first questions potential customers ask, is how much does spray foam insulation cost? There are variables to every job, we will attempt to give you the best examples we can here, open and honestly.

There are two types of foam, Open cell & Closed cell, closed cell is the more expensive of the two and one that is mainly used for commercial buildings or roofs made from metal. Open cell is the most common foam we use, this is used for domestic houses for both roof and underfloor insulation.

Domestic Properties

Your average house, be it a Terraced, Semi-detached or Detached will cost £35 per m2, Plus VAT, which is currently only at 5%

- Based on a price of £35 per M2, for 100/120mm depth of open cell foam: - Terraced house: 35m2 coverage, Cost £1,286.25 including VAT and fitting - Semi Detached: 50m2 coverage, Cost £1,837.5 including VAT and fitting - Detached: 75m2 coverage, Cost £2,756.25 including VAT and fitting.

These prices will vary depending on the overall coverage area to be insulated and are examples of typical house sizes for each type of property listed.

If you are working to any building regulations on an extension or new build property the depths of foam required could be thicker, therefore price per M2 will vary, there are also variables when working on new builds and extensions, such as the requirement for additional equipment, i.e scaffolding, cherry pickers etc, Cherry picker hirer typical costs in the region of £200 per day of usage.

When choosing a contractor to carry out the work this will no doubt be a price consideration, the quality of workmanship will be reflected in the price, things to look for are warranties offered, customer service, online reviews and picking a contractor with the relevant expertise to complete the work to a high standard, we are approved contractors of Huntsman building solutions and are trained and monitored for our workmanship on a regular basis, we offer a 25 year product warranty direct from the manufacturer and are proud to be members of the home improvement consumer protection scheme (HICS) and offer an additional 2 year insurance backed warranty against our workmanship.

Trade Customers

We also run a trade price scheme for contractors working on building projects, each individual project will be assessed for the required depths of foam to achieve varying U values, these will be individually priced accordingly.

Commercial Buildings

Due to the nature of commercial buildings, regarding size and access, these will be priced on an individual basis once a site survey has been completed.

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Commercial foam insulation can be used for Commercial properties used for business often face expensive utility bills.

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Underfloor insulation is one of the most overlooked aspects of insulation in old buildings, yet it can be one of the most cost-effective solutions to making a warm draught free home.

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Green Horizon Energy Solutions is highly proficient in dealing with the complex nature of buildings of special interest.

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Learn more about the wide range of benefits of our spray form insulation can have for your home or building efficiency, cost saving and improving your carbon footprint.

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HBS spray foam expands up to 100 times its original size after the initial spray, which then hardens to fill every corner.

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