AIREX - Smart Ventilation Controlled Bricks

AIREX smart ventilation controlled bricks are a very effective way to make your home more energy-efficient.


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AirEx is an IoT-enabled smart ventilation control that replaces conventional airbricks in pre-1950s dwellings. The AirEx units dynamically control airflow at sub-floor level, triggered by measured parameters (such as temperature, humidity) and its cloud-based algorithms responsively regulate the otherwise uncontrolled airflow.

As such, the AirEx device minimises cold airflow into the underfloor void (properties with suspended ground floor) whilst ensuring sufficient ventilation of the underfloor void to prevent moisture build-up, timber rot or poor indoor air quality.


Air bricks are bricks with multiple holes to allow air to flow in the home, either at sub-floor level or within the habitable space to prevent damp and mould. However, always open air bricks can cause cold, uncomfortable draughts and mean that up to 15% of the energy used to heat a home is wasted. Our smart air brick solutions help you improve the energy efficiency of your home in a cost effective, non-intrusive way


Installation of the smart air bricks is quick, simple and hassle free. It takes our certified installers around an hour per home to fit, no wiring or specialist electrical work is needed.

The AirEx home hub is installed inside of a home and is connected wirelessly to the WiFi router. Once up and running, AirEx does not require any ongoing occupant interaction to operate effectively – it is fit and forget.


Thousands of AirEx systems have been deployed across the UK, in partnership with organisations such as Hackney Council, Portsmouth City Council, Walsall Housing Group, Ealing Council, Warmworks Scotland, Everwarm and EDF Energy UK. AirEx reduces the chance of damp causing mould, while warmer temperatures are healthier for residents. Heat loss is reduced by 10-15% leading to an average energy bill saving of £300 per year. AirEx cuts out cold draughts increasing comfort levels for householders

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